We try to keep our booking policy as clear as possible. We do not hold dates without a signed agreement and the required deposit. We book hundreds of events per year so you can imagine the amount of inquiries are significantly higher than just the booked dates.

When we receive phone calls or meet with guests, our policy is to check the computer calendar and then to check the physical file for contracts. We do this to make certain we do not get double bookings.

There are instances when inquiries are made for dates and contracts have been sent out for customers to assume that the date is booked. Again we like to state quite clearly that this is just one step in the process and the final arrangement for booking is: we must receive the contract and deposit.

We speak to many people regarding availability on dates and we try to be clear with our policy. There are times that the contract will arrive by mail and on the same date we may have been stating that the date is available. This is because the physical contract and deposit are not in our hands. We will, however, go by the mailing date on the envelope when two people wish to book the same date on the same day to determine the booked event.